Welcome to W.E. Dowds (Shipping) Ltd. Facilities page, here we provide an overview of our resources that enable us to handle steel products of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, we have a team of experienced professionals who are trained in the latest techniques and safety procedures to ensure the safe handling of your steel products. Our focus on safety is unwavering, with strict safety protocols and training programs in place to ensure the protection of your cargo and our personnel.

Berth and Draft Restrictions at Newport

DockDepth of WaterMax Size of VesselApprox DWT
South10.7 Metres244 M30 M10.5 M40,000
North8.2 Metres122 M17 M7.6 M6,000

Predicted Tide Values

The accuracy of predicted tide times depends on various factors such as weather conditions, ocean currents, and tidal patterns. While the predictions are often highly reliable, unexpected events like storms or anomalies can cause deviations from the predicted tide times.


Here are the predicted tide times and accessibility for Cardiff Docks during 2023. Cardiff - Predicted Tide Values for 2023


Here are the predicted tide times and accessibility for Newport Docks during 2023. Newport - Predicted Tide Values for 2023

Predicted Sea Tide Times

Secure Warehousing Storage Facilities

Use of 10 separate covered specialised storage facilities in Newport with a combined area of over 50,000 sq. metres linked wirelessly to the central database at our offices.

Each warehouse has numbered isles and coils are located accordingly, facilitating efficent retreival and location.

Warehouses are equipped with overhead gantry cranes with a capacity of upto 40 tonnes

All warehouses are wirelessly linked to a central database to accurately track, locate and manage the movement of cargo, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency.

Sea Port Services

Modes of Delivery

We deliver via various modes of delivery:

  • Rail transport is often preferred for long-distance transportation of large quantities of steel coil as it is efficient and cost-effective.
  • Road transport is typically used for shorter distances or when access to rail networks is limited, and often involves specialized trucks equipped with cranes or other lifting equipment.
  • Sea transport is ideal for large volumes of steel coil and can be cost-effective for international transportation, with cargo often transported in shipping containers.

The mode of delivery chosen for steel coil will depend on a variety of factors, including the distance of transportation, the size and weight of the cargo, the urgency of delivery, and the available infrastructure and resources.

Deliver by Rail, Road or Sea

Discharge/Stock Reports

Deployed to each Vessel and equipped with state of the art mobile computer terminals linked wirelessly to the central database.

Outturn reports available usually within 24 hours after the complete discharge of a vessel.

Ongoing programme of stocktakes for all warehouses using state of the art mobile computer terminals ensuring complete stock accuracy.

Automated stock reports are sent electronically by e-mail every 24 hours to stock holders.

Real-Time Data and Internet Services

Stockholders have secure access to information of their product held in our warehouses including material that is under instruction for delivery and material already delivered.

Stockholders can view, e-mail, and print delivery tickets via our website for confirmation of delivery (including copies of P.O.D's).

Product Call-Off

Stockholders can call-off material for delivery electronically via our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or manually via telephone during normal working hours.

Product call-off information actioned via the website is transmitted instantly to the mobile computer terminals in our various warehouses where employees can plan and prepare for the delivery of the product.

Stock Reports