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Having made a strategic decision to concentrate on the handling of steel products the business expanded and the company built two new warehouses in the North Dock and then opened a Deep Sea terminal, with associated warehousing, in the South Dock.

The decision to concentrate on the handling of steel products in each of the 8 warehouses meant that all units needed to be equipped with internal gantry cranes and also linked in a high-speed data wireless network with the main offices. This project was completed for each warehouse including Number 7 which also has the facility to load/discharge up to 18 rail wagons inside the facility allowing W.E Dowds (Shipping) Ltd to supplement road haulage with direct deliveries through the dock rail network.

In 2005, W.E Dowds (Shipping) Ltd was pleased to conclude a new long term agreement with our partners Associated British Ports and this in turn has enabled us to utilise further areas of hard surface for the external storage of steel products on the dock.

  • Established Since 1960
  • Steel Product Specialists
  • Owned by Associated British Ports (ABP)